Teaching Assistantships

Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Local Ecological Knowledge: NTRES 3330/ AIS 3330. Fall 2009. Natural Resources and American Indian Studies, Cornell University.

Environmental Conservation: NTRES 2010. Winter 2010. Natural Resources, Cornell University.

Introduction to American Indian Studies II: Contemporary Issues in Indigenous North America: AIS 1110. Winter 2011. American Indian Studies, Cornell University.

Educational Materials

Case Studies

Wilson, Nicole, Michelle Baumflek, Morgan Ruelle, Chuan Liao, James Lassoie and Karim‐Aly Kassam, 2011. “Case Study: Climate Change, Food, and ‘Sharing’ among the Iñupiat of Wainwright, Alaska” Conservation Bridge.

Educational Video

Groundwater: A Source of Life in Bolivia (Agua Subterránea: Fuente de Vida en Bolivia). 2012. Central American Water Resource Network (CARA). (Credits for: Research; Script writing; and Location Direction).